Here’s what our clients are saying…

Super helpful! Tiara answered all my questions with ease and professionalism. She offered great ideas for how to advance my career and was kind enough to tailor it to my particular circumstances. Tiara is super friendly and extremely qualified - it was great to hear from her experience in a variety of animation studios. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for advice on next steps in a production or creative animation capacity!
— Emily F.
Seriously some of the most helpful advice I’ve ever received. Getting hands-on help uniquely catered to myself and the path I’m on has been an amazing experience. Tiara is incredibly professional, thorough and friendly. Her feedback covers areas I never would have thought of, and has already helped boost my confidence for future applications. Additionally, I had a small follow-up review for my resume and she had even more advice and feedback to offer me! Will definitely come back for a portfolio review someday!
— Matt A.
Basically the most awesome thing ever. I’ve gone to my university’s career center for help and this has by far surpassed all of those experiences. Tiara’s reviews are incredibly thorough and thoughtful. The basic package even has an immense amount of feedback (3 paragraphs of advice just for the cover letter!!) and that’s how you know the person doing all of it is incredible and trustworthy. I’ve also implemented her words before and I got calls from different studios for interviews, so she’s super legit.
— Haley T.
I Love Tiara! I had a big interview at Disney and my interview skill were a little rusty. We chatted for about 30 minutes and went through a bunch of different questions that I could be asked. I was able to reword some of my answers to sound better and prepare myself for any curveballs that came up. I ended up getting a callback for a second interview! She built up my confidence and gave me some strategies to relax before the interview started.
— Ryan T.
I had a great experience getting feedback on my portfolio from Tiara. I learned that I didn’t have much of what I needed in my portfolio. I had a lot of poster art, and comics becuas that’s what I’m good at but as an aspiring Story and Character Artist Tiara pointed out that I should have character design, expressions, storyboards and animatics. She gave great details and helped me find a direction to go when it comes to my portfolio. I will definitely check back in after applying these changes.
Thanks Again, what you guys are doing is so great!
— Mia J.
Tiara Little is amazing and insightful, I received a review at Ground Zero Animation from her and she was so inspiring that I got another review from her. My second time around she gave some even more in depth advice that was really helpful in understanding what the industry wants to see. She is also very prompt and professional with replying and even sent a follow up e-mail to make sure I received everything. I feel much more confidant about sending out my resume and cover letters now and I have Tiara Little to thank for that!
— Elizabeth C.
Thank you!! Tiara is incredibly friendly and openminded. I had a portfolio review with her and she gave me constructive advice on how to enhance my illustrations. Thanks to her, I have an idea of what areas to focus on and how to get to where I would like to be. Thanks again!!
— Susy
Thank you, Tiara. She helped me of what to do next on my storyboarding journey. She looked over my storyboards and enjoy the stories and drawings that I made for my films and suggested me to fix things up here and there to give it a stronger portfolio. In addition I was able to understand what the studios are looking for thanks to Tiara’s words of wisdom and advice. She helped me understand what I have to do now, that is leveling up my art, and go full speed at applying the studio job positions.
— Christopher
Tiara and Ryan had excellent feedback for my portfolio and really had some in-depth details on what recruiters are looking for and how I can tighten up the material in my portfolio. I can’t thank them enough for the time they took to really give me a strong guideline so that I can make my work better and optimize everything I can. I’m ready to take those next steps and show the best I’ve got!

Thanks you so much!
— Angela R.