Creator of No Hiatus

Tiara Little

Tiara currently works as a Production Manager in TV Animation. She is the main reviewer of resumes, portfolios, and other professional development prep. She is also the host of the Asked and Answered Podcast.

Her work experience includes Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney TV, and Netflix Animation.


AV Director of No Hiatus

Michael Ito

Michael currently works as a Project Coordinator focusing in localized subtitling and dubbing in the Entertainment Industry. He is in charge of handling all of the audio and visual production of the projects.

His work experience includes Zoo Digital, The Voice Company, and Noise Refinery.


Events Director of No Hiatus

Ryan Tengel

Ryan currently works as a Production Coordinator in TV Animation. All events, such as workshops, mixers, meet and greets, and more are all curated by her.

Her work experience includes Splash Entertainment, Stoopid Buddy, Cartoon Network, Mattel, and Nickelodeon.