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Take your resume to the next level with this free, downloadable cheat sheet.

One of the top resume killers is boring and repetitive language. Avoid this pitfall by adding more active and noteworthy verb usage to your resume.

With this cheat sheet, you’ll have your pick from a variety of words to use, so you never have to use the same word twice!


Are you interview ready? Find out by answering these ten questions.

There’s nothing worse than showing up to an interview thinking you have all the answers only to find out you don’t. Don’t freeze up on the spot like a deer in headlights.

Download this sheet of practice questions and run through it with a friend. Say all your answers out loud and keep going over them until it feels right. Remember, practice makes progress.


Coming Soon… The Animated Question Podcast!

This August, tune in to a new podcast that’s all about answering your questions about animation. From the basics of the industry to the specifics of networking and landing a job. The Animated Question will cover all you need to know about animation and anything related to it.

Hosted by Tiara from the No Hiatus team this is the first project produced by No Hiatus. Also, keep an eye out for some special guests throughout the season. You never know who’s going to appear next to answer your questions.